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Direct Boot

A bespoke eCommerce platform and printed catalogue, enabling customers to  customise their workwear clothing with a logo.

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Direct Boot is a workwear supplier based London, UK. One of our latest projects was to develop a new responsive website which enabled customers to  personalise a garment with their own logo’s.


It was launched alongside a printed catalogue to reach customers in a more traditional medium.


Dec, 2017


Direct Boot


Web Design

The Challenge

The challenge for both mediums was to translate their customer friendly ethos into a simple to use interface or readable pages that allowed anyone to buy and customise their chosen products with speed and simplicity.

Our Approach

Our approach was to present the site as a clean, clear and responisve platform which allowed products to be catagorised in a logical manner. The catalogue was to be a simple yet effective use of page layout to display all the types 0f product on offer.

“The website’s interface is very professional and functional. We’ve converted a number of customers into using it, which in turn has reduced our administrative workload. The catalogue also displays our range in a well thought out style.”

Mark Cooper
Managing Director


Shortly after launch, a high volume of customers converted to the digital format for purchasing, and brochure distribution resulted in a higher number of sales across all product ranges.

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